Sommer Ray's Stubborn Arm Fat Workout

Stubborn Arm Fat Workout

I know how arm fats can be superrr annoying. Makes you think twice if you should sport a racer back or not...

So, I'm sharing my arms workout so you, too can confidently wear any outfit that you want. 

I first warm up with Band Bicep Curls then do the Band Front and Side Raise. These exercises are a must-do when I want to tone my arms. Biceps are highly visible muscles so all the work I put into it really shows. It makes my biceps look tighter, more defined and more toned. It's also a great way to gain upper body strength. 

I throw in some Jump Rope warm-up exercises too which are super fun and practically gives me like a total body workout.

Next up is the Cable External Shoulder Rotation. This exercise seems pretty easy but it actually does a lot to strengthen my shoulder and increase its stability.  It also works on my rear shoulders and outer back. 

I do the Cable Tricep Extension when I want to target my triceps which are the muscles on the back of my upper arm all the way down to my elbow.

Trivia💡: It's called triceps because the muscle group has 3 heads -the long head, the lateral head, 
and the medial head. It's responsible for extending or straightening our elbow joint.  

The Standing Bicep Cable Curl is so great because building the biceps can help flesh out the upper arm if you have sagging skin or stubborn arm fat. This exercise makes my arms look muscular and toned.  And because I use my biceps every time I raise my arm or bend my elbow it's easier for me to lift stuff. 
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Considered a shoulder exercise, the Side Lateral Raise helps me develop chiseled muscle on my shoulders. It increases my shoulders' width while making it bigger and more defined. 

Tricep Dips are great for activating the tricep muscles in my upper arm as well as my chest and anterior (those near the front)  shoulders as well. And every time I do this, I am also strengthening my core while I keep my hips off the ground.  It keeps my body in balance and builds arm and shoulder strength.

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Dipping into a new week likeee: 😝 This morning I opened this little exel sheet Sammy and I have and I saw a rough draft of my training program (I'll start from Tuesday) and I peeped tricep dips on one of the upper body days 👀 . . Since it's been an extremely long time that I've incorporated these I figured I'd throw it at the end of today's upper body day session. Felt really nice 💪 tried to go as slow as possible on the way down and explosive on the way up. . . These are great cause there are so many ways to progress.. elevate my feet, add plates on top of my legs, balance a book on my head, do this around a ring of fire 😂 okay I'm done here. Happy Sunday everyone 🎃♥️ . . Leggings: @ethos_co Sports bra: @lululemon

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I love how the Dumbell Raise is a muscle building move that targets my shoulders. It gives my muscles more definition (hello tank tops!) and because it also strengthens my shoulders, it lets me lift heavy objects. 

Because I'm all about gaining valuable muscle mass, the Dumbell Shoulder Standing Press is one of my go-to exercises. I get more "capped" shoulders which gives me a sexier V-shaped look from my shoulders to the waist. It also balances out the strength and muscle size of my right and left arms. Below shows one using a bar.

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Exercises • Overhead Press + Standing Dumbell Presses • . When working out shoulders, you always want to start with the more compound and difficult exercises. Never start with isolation exercises that are easier to do. You have most energy at the beginning of your workout so make sure you spend it on the bigger lifts like this! . . Between barbells or dumbell I would recommend dumbell just because you can start lighter and work your way up, most of us girls can’t really press the bar to start - I know I definitely couldn’t when i started . Dumbells also forces you to balance each shoulder/arm by itself resulting in more stable shoulders. It allows you to move in a more free range of motion and doesn’t restrict you so this helps build imbalances better . Barbells restrict the plane of movement, but is also much better at developing strength, so you gotta choose what you want more, muscle size and stability or strength 💪🏻 . Or do both! Get the best of both worlds! . . • TIP• Alway retract shoulder blades to keep upper back strong when doing shoulders, this also keeps them safe from injury. . . Outfit: @lululemon

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So there you have it. My all-time fave shoulder and arm exercises which tone my muscles and help me lose stubborn arm fat.

Of course, feel free to get creative and improvise depending on your fitness goal.  But make sure to consult a fitness professional before you do.