Sommer Ray Hevia™ Replacement Rubber Band - Single

Sommer Ray Hevia™ Replacement Rubber Band - Single

Light TensionMedium TensionHeavy Tension

Get fit and workout indoors or outdoors with these Replacement Rubber Bands for your Sommer Ray Hevia™ Resistance Band and Functional Sleeves! ANY BODY,  ANYWHERE. Whether you're working at home & need a great home workout, or seeking a fun outdoor workout - get your Sommer Ray Workout on! Treat yourself with Sommer Ray's signature resistance workout band. Get the body you always wanted! Body Weight + Bungee Resistance + You! 


- One Replacement Light, Medium, OR Heavy resistance rubber band 

LIGHT tension ~ 8lbs
Ankle and arm / upper body placement moves

MEDIUM tension ~ 15lbs
Above and below the knee placement for full lower body activation

HEAVY tension ~ 25lbs
Above knee placement for weighted lifts and stabilization


We offer a 30-day warranty on all Resistance Bands products. In the unlikely event of defects in the product’s materials or manufacturing, please contact our customer service team.

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All rubber bands are constructed with our layered, looped, and natural rubber from a Southeast Asian farm designed to be sheathed within our protective nylon sleeves for optimal performance.


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